Top 50 things to do in Jerusalem

1.) Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is also called as the Church of the Resurrection to Eastern Orthodox Christians, located in the Old city of Jerusalem, far famed as the Christians holiest site and has been an significant pilgrimage since the 4th century. A monumental landmark respected as the Golgotha or Calvary wherein Christ was crucified and the tomb where he is buried.

2.) Western Wailing Wall

The Western Wailing Wall is the most holiest place for Jews situated in the west side of the the Temple Mount in the center of Jerusalem. An open air- synagogue, a place of prayer, reading and teaching.

3.) Garden of Gethsemane

Situated on the western side of the foot of the Mount of Olives, with a soaring view from the lofty monument of the Church of all Nations, also known as the Basilica of the Agony. As stated by the Eastern Orthodox Church tradition, Gethsemane is also the garden where the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ was laid to eternal rest and was ascended into heaven after her dormition on the Mountains of Zion.

4.) Mount of Olives

Mount of Olives is located at the Eastern side of Kidron valley, named after the Olive trees that grew on it’s hillside during historic times. Became the most holiest cemetery, believed by the Jewish tradition that Messiah will bring the dead back to life. Mount Olives, also known as the Mount of Summit where Jesus stood when he wept over the future destruction of Jerusalem, taught his believer the Lords prayer and the place where Jesus was betrayed and arrested.

5.) Via Dolorosa

Via Dolorosa is a Latin word for Way of suffering or Way of grief. It is one of the most famous architectural monuments in the old city of Jerusalem. Far famed as the path where Jesus suffered and walked carrying the crucifixion cross that led to his demise.

6.) Citadel ( Tower of David )

The Citadel is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Jerusalem since ancient times, popularly known as the “Tower of David”, perfectly located next to the Jaffa Gate, embraces a marvelous restoration area that used to be Herod’s palace way back in 1st century. Built during the 16th century by Suleiman and the Ottoman, became today’s museum and cultural center that gives us information about the Jerusalem’s old city visited by millions of tourists.

7.) Temple Mount

Temple Mount, is one of the famous architectural monuments and far famed considered as one of the most historical land site in the old city of Jerusalem that is rich in valuable recorded events and religious importance. With an elegant design of a gold dome, facaded in a medley of blue tiles covering the entire structure. It is an important structure for both Muslim and Jewish for it is believed to be the very site where Abraham offered God his son Isaac abruptly without question and believed to be containing the rock from which Muhammad is believed to have ascended into heaven on his Night Journey.

8.) Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock in Israel, rest on the plateau known as  Haram Ash-Sharif on Temple Mount in the old city of Jerusalem. One of the best tourist destination, famous for both religious significance flawless and stunning architectural design. An octagonal shaped obelisk wrapped in a picturesque multicolored Turkish tiles combined with white marbles that fancify the shrines exterior.

9.) Israel Museum

The Israel Museum is one of the most famous art and archeology museums with wide extent exhibits of fine arts, biblical archeology from the countries of Africa, South America, Oceana and the far east. The museum has 500,000 collections given by the famous patrons world wide. One of the main place in the museum is the Shrine of the Book, the most popular exhibit and the world’s oldest biblical manuscript is the home of dead sea scrolls covering a structure place in two-thirds below the ground, and with a pool of water that surrounds it.

10.) Garden Tomb

Garden Tomb in Israel is situated near the heart of Jerusalem, also known as Gordon’s Cavalry and which others believed was the Garden of Joseph of Arimathea. It is neighboring Golgotha, described in the bible as the place of skulls and famously ascribed to the crucifixion of Christ.

11.) Herod’s Gate

Herod’s Gate in Jerusalem, Israel is situated in East end of the north wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is also known as the Flower gate in Arabic as well as the Gate of the Little Field, and Sha’ar Prachim in Hebrews.

12.) Ben Yehuda Street

Ben Yehuda Street is the most popular destination in Jerusalem with fascinating shopping centers, restaurants, galleries, coffee shops, gift shops, bazaar stores and bars for tourist to enjoy with  famous hotels around for a more relaxing and memorable stay. The outdoor Pedestrian Mall  located in the very heart of Jerusalem and runs the streets of Jaffa  and King George to Zion Square.

13.) Damacus Gate

The construction of the Damascus gate dates back to the second century CE, the period of the Roman city. Year 1542, the  present-day gate was built by the Ottoman ruler (Turkish Empire) Suleiman The Magnificent. It is known as the gates of Damascus, because the road coming out of the gates leads in the direction of Damascus. Located on the northern wall, it is the busiest and most magnificent of all Jerusalem’s gates filled with Arab bazaar and marketplace.

14.) Ein Gedi Resort and Spa

Ein Gedi Spa in Jerusalem is perfectly located at the foot of the Judean Hills to the west, and adjacent to the Mount of Moab, on the shores of the dead sea at the lowest point on Earth. The Ein Gedi Spa offers modern facility that gives unique combination of relaxation and health. It is known that mud is rich in minerals that very effective in cosmetic treatment as well as medicinal property.

15.) Mahne Yehuda Market

Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, Israel also known as the Shuk Beik Yaakov, is one of the most popular and largest outdoor marketplace in Jerusalem. Situated in the  the the heart of the city, surrounded by Jaffa Road to the North, Beit Yaakov Street to the West, Agrippas Street to the South, and Kiach Street to the East, and divide into two major streets, the covered market in Eitz Chaim Street and the open air market in Mahane Yehuda Street.

16.) The Knesset

The Knesset is the legislative branch of the Israeli government which passes all laws, elects officers and important positions and supervises the work of the government through its agencies. The Knesset resides in Jerusalem in a quarter which was known as Sheikh Badr before the war erupted against the Arab and Israel in the late 1940′s, now it is called Givat Ram.

17.) Babette Restaurant

Babette’s open it’s doors to the public 20 years ago in 1991 and since then been offering a celebration of Belgian waffles with an extensive menu of 14 amazing Belgian waffle with rich variety of sauces like vanilla cream, chocolate, whipped cream and caramel, fresh and healthy add-ons like raspberry syrup, cherry syrup, fruits  and hot chocolate beverages, coffee or espresso and other sodas.

18.) Sakura Restaurant

Sakura is the longest-existing Japanese influenced restaurant and has currently accrued over 15 years of exceptional reputation. Sakura through the years led amongst Japanese brasserie in Israel and has been elected on annually as the best Japanese restaurants by many clientele and food critics.

19.) Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial

To commemorate martyrs’ and heroes that bear witness and sole attestant to the documents and historical events that happened during the Holocaust, Israel established a  main Holocaust remembrance and education center.

20.) L. A. Mayer Memorial Museum of Islamic Art

L.A. Mayer Memorial Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem, Israel is one of the famous museums in Jerusalem founded by the daughter of a scientific author and barrister, Sir David Lionel Salomons. The museum was built in memory of Vera Bryce Solomons professor Leo Aryeh Mayer,  an Islamic art scholar and archeology at the Hebrew University.

21.)  Golden Gate

Golden Gate in Jerusalem is located on the eastern wall at the foot of Temple Mount, facing the western slope of the Mount of Olives crossing the Kidron Valley wherein you’ll find the Garden of Gethsemane, famous first century tombs and the way to Jericho and Bethany. The oldest, most famous and one of the few sealed gates in Jerusalem’s Old City Gates.

22.) Village Green

Village Green is located into the plaza, middle of town at the Jaffa Road end of Rivlin Street and just a little way down from Kikar Zion. Village Green is one of Jerusalem’s best kosher L’Mehedrin restaurant. The cuisine is inspired by different flavors of many sources ranging from North America, Europe, Asia, the mediterranean countries, the middle East to North Africa.

23.) 1868 restaurant

The 1868 restaurant opened it’s doors to the public in 2004. The location seemed flawless, which is set to cater the tourist and guests from the deluxe King David and David Citadel hotels across the street. Steps away from the restaurant is the newly built Mamilla shopping center, just a short walk from the old city, on the busy streets of King David.

24.) Dominus Flevit

Dominus Flevit rest upon an ancient site, accessed with a steep pathway going uphill, towering above the Kidron valley towards the Mount of Olives or from the bottom near the Basilica of Agony and Mary’s tomb. Dominus Flevit, which translates from Latin as “The Lord Wept”, was envisaged in the shape of a teardrop to symbolize the tears of Christ.

25.) Church of St. John the Baptist

The Church of St. John the Baptist is hardly a remarkable sight as it is squeezed in between behind a row of shops in the Old City marketplace. St. John the Baptist Church is definitely one of the churches worth seeking out as it is considered as the oldest church in Jerusalem. The visiting hours are as follows:  Monday-Friday 8:00-12:00; 14:30-17:00; Sunday 9:00-12:00; 14:30-17:00 (Saturday closed).

26.) Haoman 17

Haoman 17 in Jerusalem has been regarded as one of the top nightclubs in theworld. Famous DJs from around the world spin house music, techno, trip-hop and acid jazz electronic music. Aside from all the partying, you could also enjoy their mouth-watering sushi dish as it is also a popular destination for food lovers.

27.) Uganda

Uganda was launched in Jerusalem in May of 2005, with it’s primarily purpose of creating a bar, café specialist record/ dvd/ comic store and a venue. Uganda is located on a downtown side street, near the castle-like headquarters of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel and the closed Russian Compound. It is also the “west Jerusalem branch” of the famous Akramawi Humus, the best in town!

28.) Jesus Tomb

The Tomb of Jesus is located in the north of the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. Outside the city walls is a rock-cut tomb regarded by some to be the area of the burial and resurrection of Jesus. The Garden Tomb offers good facilities, including benches, toilets, drinking water, and wheelchair access to the garden.

29.) Monastery of the Cross

The Monastery of the Cross is located outside the Old City of Jerusalem. It is a private Byzantine monastery. According to traditions, its exact spot is where the famous tree, primarily composed of olive, cypress and cedar grew that was used to make Christ’s cross and that’s were it acquired its name.

30.) Hezekiah’s Tunnel

Hezekiah’s Tunnel in Jerusalem is one of the several tourist spots with historical significance. Considered as one of the excellent creation of water engineering in the pre-classical period, this tunnel goes below Ophel in Jerusalem. The existence of the tunnel is noteworthy, providing a divine intervention of God in saving Jerusalem and reminding us that everything written in the bible is genuine.

31.) Tisch Family Zoological Garden

The Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, publicly recognized as the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens was formerly founded in 1928 by the late Prof. Aharon Shuloy, one of the pioneers in the field of zoology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. At present, the enormous 62-acre zoo has wonderful scenery as it is encircled by green hills and new neighborhoods.

32.) Time Elevator

The Time Elevator Jerusalem is a 25-minute multi-media presentation that tells us about the fascinating story of the City of Jerusalem. With an exhilarating original film written by historians and archeologists, featuring special effects, it is absolutely a one-of-a kind interactive experience as one goes back through Jerusalem’s long, chaotic and unforgettable history 3,000 years ago.

33.) Ice Skating in Jerusalem

The new Jerusalem ice Skating Rink that was opened last March 10-April 14, 2011 in Safra Square proved to be a real success. The space featured 500 square meters of ice for skating plus a 200 square meters of area for hanging out, all covered by a vast 1000 square meter tent. Included in the non-ice area are coffee shops, booths and a small shopping area.

34.) German Colony

The German Colony is a vicinity, located in southern Jerusalem and spreads out from both sides of Emek Refaim street. The colony was constructed in a German village style with thatched rooftops of cypress wood and pine, lots of greenery and narrow streets.

35.) Cinematheque

The Cinematheque in Jerusalem is located in a splendid area overlooking old city walls and the Kidron valley. It is one of the finest cinema houses in Jerusalem. Initiated by Lia and Wim Van Leer, the film archive is the main reason why it was developed and built.

36.) Church of the Mary Magdalene

The Church of Mary Magdalene is one of Jerusalem’s main attractions on theMount of Olives with its unique style. In 1888, Tsar Alexander III built the Church of Mary Magdalene to give tribute to his mother, Empress Maria Alexandrovna  of Russia. The Church is devoted to Mary Magdalene who is a follower of Jesus and regarded as his female companion.

37.) Zion Gate

The Zion Gate in Jerusalem, which is also known as David’s Gate, acquired itsname from the belief that King David’s tomb is on Mt. Zion. Zion gate is one of the eight gates in the walls of the old city in Jerusalem that leads to the Jewish quarter.

38.) Wolfson Museum

The Wolfson Museum in Jerusalem is a place of a wide collection of marvelousantique and rare artifacts, all with Jewish significance. One of the Museum’s aims is to introduce Jewish identity as well as its heritage. They make clear and concise relationship between historical practice and customs that are followed until nowadays.

39.) Bet Guvrin-Maresha National Park

The Bet Guvrin-Maresha National Park in Jerusalem covers around 1,250 acres of rolling hills in the Judean Lowlands. The hills, which are roughly 400 meters above sea level, are primarily composed of chalk covered with a harder rock called the “Nari”.

40.) Western Wall Tunnels

The Western Wall Tunnel is a tunnel found underground revealing the whole view of the Western Wall.  It is situated under buildings of the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel and it is close to the Western Wall. The Western Wall tunnel includes remains of the road that go beside the Temple Mount, a Hasmonean-era channel and a lot more. The most wonderful feature is a single 45-foot stone that weighs in at 550 tons outlining part of the wall.

41.) Christ Church

Christ Church is found in Jerusalem’s Old City. It is the oldest Protestant church in the Middle East. Christ Church is considered as the heart of prayer and worship for all people.

42.) El Gaucho

The El Gaucho Restaurant in Jerusalem set inside an old stone house is situated in the downtown Nahalat Shiva vicinity. The stone building has arches inside, a flagstone floor with wooden tables and ceiling beams. All the meat in this restaurant is grilled.  If you have an enormous appetite, get ready to feast on their house specialty, which is a 1 kg steak or the El Gaucho platter consists of sausage chorizo, three empanadas and salchicha.

43.) Abu Shukri

Abu Shukri, which is located where the Viahey introduced exceptional grilled foods like kabobs, shwarma and kubbe that is cracked wheat dumplings stuffed with meat, are all mouth-watering. Meanwhile, mint tea is highly recommended for beverage. Dolorosa and AL Wad Road intersect, is one of the most popular restaurants in Jerusalem because of its superb food quality and varied delicacies in the most affordable prices.

44.) Kidron Valley

Kidron valley is the valley on the eastern side of the Old City of Jerusalem that characterize significantly in the bible. Considered one of Jerusalem’s sacred place for it is located at the middle of Temple Mount and the Mount of Olives, wherein many important biblical and historical events occurred in this valley.

45.) Ramparts Walk

Jerusalem is a promised land,bursting with infinite tales of history and culture. A city filled with stunning views and awe-inspiring landscapes and scenery. Truly, Jerusalem has much to offer the adventurous and dauntless tourist who seeks inspirations in this ancient civilization, but in the category of jaw dropping views, Ramparts walk is considered one of the best.

46.) Bistro Restaurant

Bistro Restaurant in Jerusalem is an elegant French/Italian restaurant located in Ein Kerem, which is a former Arab village and believed to be John the Baptist’s birthplace. The Bistro Restaurant also shows the works of various artists who considered Ein Kerem dwelling on its walls. If you want to enjoy and experience a secluded area with breathtaking scenery while dining in, then Bistro Restaurant is the perfect place for you.

47.) Mamilla

Mamilla was an early neighborhood built outside the old city of Jerusalem, which is west from the Jaffa Gate. It was initially built in 1890 as a central business district by the Jewish and Arab. In 1920, it was practically occupied by the Jews.

48.) Great Synagogue

The great synagogue was built on 1982, dedicated in the memory of the millions of Jewish people who died and perish in the carnage brought about by the holocaust, and for those who stand firm and shed tears and their own blood in the defense of Israel and it’s people. The breathtaking sight of the two-story stained glass window in the main sanctuary, that embellish the walls of synagogue portraying the past and the future of the Jewish Nation, which harmonizes with the enormous showpiece chandelier.

49.) Room of the Last Supper

The Room of the Last supper is a two-story building in Jerusalem. It is believed that in the upper room is the place where Jesus shared the Last Supper with his disciples.  It is found exactly above the Tomb of David and near the Domition Abbey on Mount Zion.

50.) Museum of the Seam

Museum on the Seam is a unique museum situated  in Jerusalem, Israel that display modern art that deals with the different characteristics of the socio- political reality. The museum is located in the building built by Anton Baramki, an Arab-Christian architect in 1932, the building serves as a forward military out post when first controlled by the Haganah forces in 1948.

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