Tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem

The Tomb of Jesus is located in the north of the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. Outside the city walls is a rock-cut tomb regarded by some to be the area of the burial and resurrection of Jesus. The whole place is covered with trees and bushes and appears to be isolated from the city. Once you are inside, you seem to be in a different world.  With a very peaceful scenery, it is indeed a perfect place for serious reflection.  Since the Tomb of Jesus is considered as the main tourist place, be ready to see an endless stream of tour groups. Most religious groups, adding an ambience to the place, usually do praying and singing of hymns.

100 yards west of the skull, is the exact spot of the garden tomb itself. Signs in different languages and a wooden door are seen in the tomb, with the words written in English,”He is not here-for he is risen”.

There seems to be a controversy about the authenticity of the tomb. According to some archeologists, the typological features of it, dates from the late Old Testament.  Therefore, it is not a “new tomb” at the time of the crucifixion.   However, the wardens of the property say that regardless of its authenticity, the Garden Tomb is a pleasant place for reflecting the death burial of Christ.

The Garden Tomb offers good facilities, including benches, toilets, drinking water, and wheelchair access to the garden.  You could also visit their gift shop. The admission is free.

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