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wedding kiddush cup a kiddush cup for a very special day

Wedding Kiddush Cup – A Kiddush Cup for a Very Special Day Kiddush cups are a very important piece of the Jewish religion.  They are used to honor the mitzvah and the reciting of the Kiddush is important in every Jewish home.  But a day like a wedding deserves a remarkable wedding Kiddush cup, not just your ordinary one that ...

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silver kiddush cup the highest quality

Silver Kiddush Cup – The Highest Quality No matter what type of Kiddush cup you are looking for, there are different features to begin your search, though.  Before when we were talking about wedding Kiddush cups, we touched on silver only briefly as well as other things like pewter and personalization.  It’s important to know what you should be looking ...

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nambe kiddush cup a contemporary option

Nambe Kiddush Cup – A Contemporary Option It’s no secret that there are many options out there when you are shopping for a Kiddush cup.  We’ve covered what sterling silver can bring you and what to consider if you are looking for something special like a wedding Kiddush cup.  But what if neither of these fit the bill and you ...

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honor your jewish heritage with decorative kiddush cups

Honor Your Jewish Heritage with Decorative Kiddush Cups Whether celebrating Shabbat, a wedding, or any of the Jewish holidays, the reciting of the Kiddush is an important part of the ceremony, so the Kiddush cup that is used should convey the proper respect and dignity that the ritual deserves. With so many styles available, choosing the perfect one is not ...

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