honor your jewish heritage with decorative kiddush cups

Honor Your Jewish Heritage with Decorative Kiddush Cups

Whether celebrating Shabbat, a wedding, or any of the Jewish holidays, the reciting of the Kiddush is an important part of the ceremony, so the Kiddush cup that is used should convey the proper respect and dignity that the ritual deserves. With so many styles available, choosing the perfect one is not always an easy task. You want to be sure that they are not only decorative, but also are something that can be part of your family’s Jewish heritage for years to come.

There is a Kiddush cup that can suit any occasion, which makes them wonderful for gifts. A very common occurrence where this takes place is at a bris, as well as a bar or bat mitzvah. This allows the child to begin his or her own tradition of honoring their religion, since the cups can be passed down to their children. This will ensure that important rituals will continue to be observed, since the decorative cups will serve as a constant reminder of the sanctity of the Jewish faith, as well as the importance of family values.

A Kiddush cup is also a big part of a Jewish wedding ceremony. Since it is requires that in addition to an heirloom cup, a new cup be used during the occasion, the opportunity presents itself to purchase one to fit your style. By taking the time to shop online, you will be able to search through all the different styles available, which can help make your wedding something to remember and cherish forever. The sweetness of the wine in the Kiddush cups is a symbol of a couple’s love for each other, so the cups you select should reflect this sentiment.

As far as the style of cups, you can select from both modern and traditional, so you can have the choice of carrying on a family tradition by having them inscribed with a family emblem, or else starting your own new tradition. You can also have them inscribed with your name and the date of your wedding or other sacred event. You can even find a Kiddush cup specially designed for children and it can serve as a valued reward for your yaldah tov or yaldah tova. In this way, not only are you recognizing them for a job well done, but it’s another way to reinforce  the sacredness of their faith, which can guide them for the rest of their lives.

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