silver kiddush cup the highest quality

Silver Kiddush Cup – The Highest Quality

No matter what type of Kiddush cup you are looking for, there are different features to begin your search, though.  Before when we were talking about wedding Kiddush cups, we touched on silver only briefly as well as other things like pewter and personalization.  It’s important to know what you should be looking for if you decide to go with a silver Kiddush cup, whether it’s for a wedding, Mitzvah, or Shabbat.  And this isn’t the only material out there, either.  There is a popular metal known as Nambe which we’ll touch on later.

When beginning your search for a silver Kiddush cup, first decide if you want one that is actually made of silver or simply plated in silver.  The price difference can often be extreme and only continue to grow as you get into intricate designs and famous designers.  Also, decide on what design elements you hope to find in your silver Kiddush cup.  As mentioned before, there are a lot of cups out there that can offer you a personalized feel if that’s the road you wish to go down.  If it’s for something in particular, this may be a great option for you.

If you aren’t looking for a silver Kiddush cup that is for a special purpose such as a wedding, though, consider the many other designs out there.  First, decide on an overall look that you want your silver Kiddush cup to possess.  Do you want something more traditional or do you want something that has a contemporary design element to it?  Do you plan on having it on display in your home, such as in a china cabinet?  Are there design elements that a silver Kiddush could bring to your home in general?

A silver Kiddush cup is a great investment for the Jewish home.  Whether you are shopping for a special occasion or would like to have one for special holidays and events, purchasing a quality one now will help you honor the laws of the Torah for years and even generations to come.  Take your time and choose a silver Kiddush cup that is solidly crafted.  If you are looking for an heirloom to pass on, consider a more traditional design.  If you want something to accent your home’s feel, consider the possibilities that one created by an artist may offer you.  A silver Kiddush cup is an investment, not an extravagance.

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