nambe kiddush cup a contemporary option

Nambe Kiddush Cup – A Contemporary Option

It’s no secret that there are many options out there when you are shopping for a Kiddush cup.  We’ve covered what sterling silver can bring you and what to consider if you are looking for something special like a wedding Kiddush cup.  But what if neither of these fit the bill and you are hoping for something more contemporary?  There is a company that goes by the name of Nambe that may present you the perfect solution.  A Nambe Kiddush cup is made of metal alloy and has been designed to be both elegant and contemporary.

The Nambe Kiddush cup has been designed by an artist named Marilyn Davidson.  It is sleek and elegant and can be a perfect Kiddush cup for your home or even your wedding.  If you feel that you don’t want a special level of personalization like we spoke to earlier, than this can be the perfect option for you.  Also, if you love the look of silver but don’t enjoy the price tag, Nambe metal was specifically designed to provide the luster of silver and compliment it with the toughness of steel.

Nambe takes great pride in their metal making practice and it’s evident in things like their Nambe Kiddush cup.  These pieces are still hand crafted, making no two pieces identical, and the slight imperfections you can expect to find on the brilliant finish of your cup are a characteristic of their unique sand casting process.  The Nambe Kiddush cup is additionally a surprisingly affordable alternative for those that love the look of silver.  It not only can serve as a great Kiddush cup for your wedding but makes a great wedding gift as well.  The Nambe cup features a base that flares with smooth, sleek lines to appeal to your design senses.

The Nambe Kiddush cup also stands seven inches tall and holds 6 ounces of wine for your ceremony.  If you are looking for a Nambe Kiddush cup that can complement your design tastes and look great on the table, this is a serious option for you to consider.  Its great looks make it fit in during even the most formal celebrations such as a wedding or engagement and you can proudly display it when it’s not being used.  It’s a perfect gift for anyone of the Jewish faith and Nambe’s unique metal will never tarnish or crack, making it easy to love.

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