Tisha B’av

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Tisha B’av – A Communal Day of Mourning

Tisha B’av is a Jewish day of both fasting and mourning. This day occurs on the ninth day of Av. Av is the fifth month of the Jewish calendar. In the western calendar that you are more familiar with, this day usually occurs in either late July or early August. The purpose of this day is to remember the tragedies ...

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Tisha B’Av – A Day of Mourning and Repentance

Tisha B’Av or the Ninth of Av is a Jewish holiday commemorating a number of catastrophes in Jewish history. Tisha B’Av is the saddest date on the Jewish calendar and is observed through fasting. Many aspects of mourning are observed by the entire Jewish community – no parties, listening to any kind of music, shaving or haircuts, no eating and ...

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