wedding kiddush cup a kiddush cup for a very special day

Wedding Kiddush Cup – A Kiddush Cup for a Very Special Day

Kiddush cups are a very important piece of the Jewish religion.  They are used to honor the mitzvah and the reciting of the Kiddush is important in every Jewish home.  But a day like a wedding deserves a remarkable wedding Kiddush cup, not just your ordinary one that you use at home.  It’s important to take your time selecting a wedding Kiddush cup as it often becomes an heirloom for the newlyweds.

If you are looking for a wedding Kiddush cup of the highest caliber, it will usually be made of silver.  While these can be pricier than their pewter counterparts, the quality that is exemplified in the cup is usually of the highest standards as well.  Many are handcrafted, allowing you to find one that has its own unique characteristics that the newlyweds will be sure to enjoy!  Some even include things like silhouettes of a bride and groom to help illustrate this important and meaningful day in their life.  This isn’t to say that this level of intricacy and design is only available in the silver variety, either.

A wedding Kiddush cup made of pewter can often bring the same level of uniqueness at a more affordable price.  While design is one important element to consider when in the market for a wedding Kiddush cup, think about other things that you may like to incorporate as well.  For instance, many Kiddush cups have spaces specifically built into the design to allow for personal engraving.  Some choose to put the couple’s names on the cups, while others put the date of the ceremony.  This is a blank canvas, though, and you can engrave anything you’d like here!  Is there a special message that you’d like to share?  You might consider a phrase that will bring back great memories.  Let your imagination run wild!

There are other elements that you can bring to a wedding Kiddush cup as well.  Things like family emblems have been put on them, special prayers, and Jerusalem have all been found on wedding Kiddush cups before and they will continue to appear time and time again.  If you’d like to save a bit of money, though, consider a cup that still captures the design elements you are looking for while skipping most of the customization.  While custom features can bring a level of personal feel to the cup, it’s not a necessity.

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