Herod’s Gate

Herod’s Gate in Jerusalem, Israel is situated in East end of the north wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is also known as the Flower gate in Arabic as well as the Gate of the Little Field, and Sha’ar Prachim in Hebrews. With a rising ground of 755 meters above sea level, this modest gate is one of the newest gates of Jerusalem, the entrance to the Muslim quarter in the old city and Damacus Gate is just a short distance to the East.

Herod’s Gate is named after Herod Antipas because it is believed that this was the place where he stayed in the time of Christ.  In 12th century, the crusaders built a church near the gate and believed that during the time of  the crucifixion of Jesus, Herod Antipas house  was there, and eventually destroyed by the Muslim and made their Masque and today stands as the church of Dir Al Ads.

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