Baron Rothschild Monument

The Baron Rothschild Monument was created to honor one of the most influential figures and famous benefactor in Israel named Edmond de Rothschild. It was built in the year 1947 after his death. His monument rests in Rothschild Street in Petah Tikva.

10 years after Petah Tikva was founded, Baron Rothschild, decided to help the town due to its tough financial condition. He acquired lands to aid the farmers in the community. Rothschild coordinated agricultural and town planning started. At present, his monument can be seen in the Town Center, near the Monument for the pioneers.

The Baron Rothschild Monument has a breath-taking scenery. You can stroll around the peaceful area while enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful landscape. With green trees around the place, it would certainly provide you the feeling of serenity as well as giving you the right amount of shade that you need especially on a hot weather. The Monument is also a suitable place for the children to play and run around since it is a safe place.

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