Underwater observatory Marine Park

Underwater observatory marine Park is situated in Eilat, Israel. Discover the reverie and take the rare opportunity to embark on a journey in one of our most exquisite and beautiful seas in the world. An amazing subsurface reality of  the Red Sea in the Underwater observatory Marine Park’s natural undersea adventure. It is considered as one of the best tourist attractions and destinations that Israel has to offer. Boasting with the richness of the immersed environment of the sea and jewel-like display of the most colorful, rare and fascinating forms of marine life.

The Park maintains a well arranged, beautiful, detailed and extensive ocean environment, paying much attention  to the plant life like anemones, coral, and other ocean flora as to the beautiful collection of tropical fishes. The park houses several aquariums, a Shark Tank, Turtle and Stingray Pool and two underwater observatories.

Enjoy underwater trip on a submarine or a ship with a transparent bottom which provide visitors with the opportunity to encounter the reef’s variety of vibrant colors and feel themselves a part of the enthralling underwater world.

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