Shulamit’s Eilat Diving Adventures

Shulamit’s Eilat Diving adventures is located in Eilat, Israel. Divers swarm to Eilat because of the Red Sea’s rich underwater life. A collection and assemble of marine life made up of a complex and delicate life of floras and faunas that create colorful silhouettes of underwater oasis cruised by an array of wildly-hued marine life, teeming with colorful, exotic fish and sea creatures of every representation. Eliat is an excellent quarter for all underwater enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Shulamit’s Eilat Diving adventures offer guests and tourists courses for beginner divers and advanced and specialty courses for certified divers. They have new and top of the line well maintained equipments like a full selection of Mares BC’s  including weight-integrated BC’s, regulators, wetsuits, masks and fins. Diving with Shulamit includes pick-up and drop-off at your hotel. Complimentary drinks are always packed in the cooler to drenched the thirst after a long travel or a full day of activity.

Eilat is Israel’s southern-most town, It is a desert resort on the coast of the Red Sea, bordered by desert mountains and canyons. Attractions in the region incorporates the Coral Beach Nature Reserve, Hai-Bar Yotvata Nature Reserve and Timna Valley Park, hearth to the oldest copper mines in the world. However, out of all the activities that guests can choose from, underwater diving adventures is always at the top the list.

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