Aqua Beach

Aqua Beach, considered as the best site for snorkeling and diving in Eilat, Israel is a haven for the locals and foreigners, especially the scuba divers.  If you are the type of person who enjoys fun under the heat of the sun, Aqua beach would be the perfect destination for you. In this beach, you can go snorkeling and diving to your heart’s desire, while enjoying the beautiful beach.

Moreover, the Aqua beach has a dive center where they provide sophisticated diving equipments as well as first-class trainings for the people who are interested in scuba diving and snorkeling.

You could do numerous things at the Aqua Beach. If snorkeling and diving is not your thing, you could just simply sit on the rocks at the waterside, while drinking a beer and enjoy the peaceful and breath-taking scenery. It is a delight watching the tropical fishes swimming just off shore. The beach also has an on-beach bar and a Bedouin-themed café that is famous for their wonderful aroma of Arabic coffee and the laffa, a large fluffy pita, and when you get to taste it, it is like heaven in your mouth.

When you happen to visit the wonderful place of Eilat, try visiting the Aqua Beach. The place is suitable for adults, children and even the people who are differently-abled. In this place, you could truly appreciate nature in its finest beauty.

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