Negev Brigade Monument

The Negev Brigade Monument, recognized locally as the Andarta, was an Israeli infantry brigade that functioned during the Arab-Israeli war in the year 1948. It is located on an overlooking hill in the city of the eastern part of Beersheba. It comprises a familiar symbol of the Negev and Beersheba. The monument is designed by Dani Karavan to give respect to the members of the Negev Brigade in Palmach who died defending the country of Israel. The memorial is also considered as a pioneer to the land art movement.

Between the years 1963-1968, during a period when Israel undergone the process of constructing a number of memorials for the people who bravely fought and died in the wars, the Negev Brigade Memorial was created. The monument is made up of raw concrete surrounding the eighteen detach elements. The pipeline tunnel is redolent of the waterway in the Negev that was protected by the soldiers.

The perforated tower adjoins the watchtower that is fired from large gunfire. All of these components are symbolic and is connected to the War of Independence and Palmach. The names of the soldiers who died in the war, diary episodes of the soldiers, verses, songs, and the battle registry are etched in the concrete.

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