Elijah’s Cave

Elijah’s Cave in Haifa, Israel is located at the base of Cape Carmel in Haifa, just beneath the Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery and Lighthouse, it’s stairways to the cave is at the Allenby Street in lower Haifa. An religious shrine important to many Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Druze, all of whom venerate the prophet Elijah, the Hebrew prophet, city’s most famous early inhabitant, who was believed to have lived, meditate and taught in this cave before defeating the priests of Baal on Mount Carmel. It was first mentioned by a Jewish visitor in 1626 in a letter written from the land of Israel.

The Elijah’s Cave gives the visitors both the devotion of a Jewish holy place and the sharing of traditions for which Haifa is famous. Pilgrims incline to feature  magical qualities and healing powers to the cave and gave many vows in it. Beneath the main altar of the cave, a domed chapel sanctify the cave. The cave is also sacred to the Christians as they believe that Jesus and his family hid there while escaping from King Harrods.

The cave is open for all ages and free of entrance during Sundays to Fridays.

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