Mahane Yehuda Market

Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, Israel also known as the Shuk Beik Yaakov, is one of the most popular and largest outdoor marketplace in Jerusalem. Situated in the  the the heart of the city, surrounded by Jaffa Road to the North, Beit Yaakov Street to the West, Agrippas Street to the South, and Kiach Street to the East, and divide into two major streets, the covered market in Eitz Chaim Street and the open air market in Mahane Yehuda Street. The market is consist of several full blocks of small but presentable narrow stalls selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meats and cheeses, baked goods, nuts, spices,  wines and liquors, housewares, textiles, clothing and shoes.

Around the market, people can also enjoy the restaurants, cafes, shawarma stands and juice bars. The place gives visitors and tourist a memorable experience with its sights, colors, sounds and scents that gives a lively, Mediterranean atmosphere, with an aroma exclusive to Jerusalem. During Thursdays and Fridays, the market is full of shoppers stocking up for Shabbat.

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