Bistro Restaurant in Jerusalem

Bistro Restaurant in Jerusalem is an elegant French/Italian restaurant located in Ein Kerem, which is a former Arab village and believed to be John the Baptist’s birthplace. Ein Kerem is regarded as the most attractive and luxurious area in Jerusalem.   It has a very private neighborhood in West Jerusalem having a tranquil atmosphere.  The scenery is magnificent as cypress and olive trees encircled the hills.  Its location is a house to various successful artists and sculptors who have launched a number of galleries.  The Bistro Restaurant also shows the works of various artists who considered Ein Kerem dwelling on its walls.

In the neighborhood are numerous expensive and chic restaurants and cafes that have developed among the earliest churches and shrines in the village.  The Bistro Restaurant is one of them making the most of its lovely environment.  It was built primarily for serving the upper class residents and tourists.  Their menu mainly consists of appetizing combinations of meat, cheese and fruits de mer.  Other foods that are highly recommended are stuffed eggplant, shrimp and goose breast with a feta cheese spread and a lot more.

If you want to enjoy and experience a secluded area with breathtaking scenery while dining in, then Bistro Restaurant is the perfect place for you.

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