Mamilla in Jerusalem

Mamilla was an early neighborhood built outside the old city of Jerusalem, which is west from the Jaffa Gate.  It was initially built in 1890 as a central business district by the Jewish and Arab. In 1920, it was practically occupied by the Jews. At that time, Mamilla neighborhood was regarded as a significant commercial area, place of the municipal buildings and outside the Old City walls was the first post office.  The Arab-Israeli war in 1948 resulted to a deterioration of the city. Buildings were smashed and abandoned due to the bombardment of the Jordanians.  After the Six-Day War, the government authorized the reconstruction of Mamilla neighborhood.  Land was allocated to residential and commercial zones, together with hotels and office space.  The project was considered as the most longest and expensive development plans in Jerusalem’s history. Generally, the plan was achieved by the summer of 2007 where the major malls and entertainment areas were being launched.

With its tremendous growth and development, the prestigious residential projects such as David’s Village, the Alroy with its fashionable boardwalk of cafes and stores, Palace Hotel and the likes have brought sophistication, excitement and life back in Mamilla neighborhood.

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