Shalom Meir Tower

The Shalom Meir Tower can be located in the district of Tel Aviv. It is known as the first commercial tower built in the city in 1965. It stood and competed among the tallest buildings of Europe during that time and was the tallest in the Middle East.

The 34-storey building has a height of 130 m. and stands firm together with the new and modern buildings of Tel Aviv who seem to show great respect for the historical structure. It was planned to have a subway station under the tower,where the light rail trains would pass by, but the plan was later cancelled to further preserve the original structure.

The site originally stood the Herzliya Hebrew High School. It had a magnificent architectural structure but was later demolished and the school was relocated at a new site to start the construction of the tower in 1962. The destruction of the school was a regretful decision despite the contributions of the Shalom Meir Tower to the economy of Israel.

The largest restaurant-bar club, that accommodates over 200 guests everyday, can be found in the ground floor of the building and the top three floors went under renovation and were transformed into residential apartments after being renovated in 2004.

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