Azrieli Center

Azrieli Center is a coordination of a tall, continuously habitable building situated on a 34,500 square meter site in the east side of Tel Aviv right the Ayalon road, Israel which is the dumpster-truck parking garage and became a 3 building with a $ 350,000,000 budget project.

The Azrieli Center Circular Tower is the most tallest among the three building and in Tel Aviv and second in Israel after Moshe Aviv Tower of Ramat Gan. It takes three years from 1996-1999 to build the tower with a 614 ft in height. It has 49 floors with 84 windows per floor which gives the tower a total of 4,000 windows.

The Azrieli Center Triangular Tower is the second tallest building in Tel Aviv, it has 46 floors at 554 feet. Bezeq, an Israel company for communications, telecommunications provider in Israel is the largest occupant of the tower occupying 13 floors of it.

The Azrieli Center Square Tower is the shortest among the three towers which has only 42 floors in 154 meter in height.

The Azrieli Center Mall is one of the biggest places in Israel, there are magnificent numbers of shops with amazing selection and prices are moderate. Fitness Gyms, coffee shops and other pleasure places can be found at this Mall that visitors will surely enjoy.

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