Room of the Last Supper in Jerusalem

The Room of the Last supper is a two-story building in Jerusalem.  It is believed that in the upper room is the place where Jesus shared the Last Supper with his disciples.  It is found exactly above the Tomb of David and near the Domition Abbey on Mount Zion. Not enough evidences were shown as to its accuracy. For that reason, we cannot truly claim that the authentic site is the present room because it was built in the 12th century.  Nevertheless, it is more likely that it has existed near the original place of the Last Supper Room.

The building was created with a Byzantine design way back in the 2nd century AD.  In the 4th century, The Church of Mt. Zion was rebuilt and was recognized along the site of the Last Supper Room from the 5th century.  The Church was damaged by fire in 614 by the Persian attack and was repeated in 965.  In the 12th century, the Crusaders built The Last Supper Room that is visited by tourists and pilgrims today.  However, it was wrecked again and the Franciscans reconstructed it during the 14th century.

A pointed arch entrance from the main lane on Mount Zion is used when entering the upper room, and then you have to take a stairs going to the left to reach the courtyard.  The Last Supper room is a fascinating mainly empty rectangular room with pillars and groin-vaulted ceilings.  Marks of paints on the 14th-century wall can be seen inside.  Renovated stained-glass Ottoman windows with Arabic inscriptions, ornate, dome and a lot more are found inside.  Take a glimpse of beautiful views of the Mount of Olives and beyond through a stairs that will lead you up to the roof.

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