Holon Mediatheque

The Mediatheque located in Holon is the city’s main cultural hub which is composed of the Mediatheque Theater, Mediatheque Public Library, Holon Cinematheque, Israeli Cartoon Museum and the Design Museum Holon.

The various components of the Mediatheque has worked together to fulfill Holon’s goal to become a city with rich Israeli art and culture. The center, aims to impact the relationship between culture, environment and the community.

The Mediatheque is recognized internationally as a center for maintaining and creating innovative, high standard and multi-disciplinary activities and events to foster the interest of people,of all ages, to visit and appreciate the attraction center.

The Mediatheque theater has produced numerous award-winning plays and presentations for mostly, the children and the youth. In just a few years, they were able to produce over thirty plays with a range of five to six new productions every year.

The Mediatheque Public Library was originally Holon’s main public library established in 1956. It was renamed when it transferred to its new location in the Mediatheque.

In 2007, the Israeli Cartoon Center opened and became the long-awaited home for their own cartoonists and caricaturists.  In 2008, the Holon Cinematheque followed with its opening and focused on the love and education for film-making. Lastly,  The world famous Design Museum Holon that displayed different unique art collections of Israel had its opening in 2010.

The Mediatheque building was designed by B. Baruch and Y. Salamon Architects and was opened last 2004 originally having only the theater and the library.

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