Carmel Winery in LeZion

The Carmel Winery can be found in Rishon LeZion in Israel. It is the primary wine producer for the country and other nearby countries in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is considered to be the first and the oldest producer and exporter of different kinds of wine, brandy, and grape juices. It is also the world’s largest kosher wine producer.

The winery is run by a group called the Vine-growers Union, controlling 75% of the company and the 25% goes to the Jewish Agency for Israel. The management is handled by its main and  mother company, the  Societe Cooperative Vigneronne des Grandes, Caves Richon Le Zion & Zikhron Ya’akov Ltd.

The winery in Rishon LeZion has not just enriched the rich history and culture of the city but also contributed to its economic status. Jobs are usually offered to the Rishon locals which also has become a good sign of the winery’s system and values.

The wines that Carmel have produced are also very tasty and genuine. The unique process these wines go through are a great pride of the reputable and well-known company.

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