The Underground City of LeZion

The Underground City is an archeological site excavated in the city of Rishon LeZion in Israel. It is a sensational discovery by the archeologists and experts who found the site under the sand dunes in one of the old cities of Israel.

The Underground City, which was believed to have existed since 4,000 B.C, has revealed and contained cemeteries and cell-like rooms that housed its occupants and settlers in that civilization. Many human and animal skeletons were found in the site, including jars, ornaments, preserved garments and many others. These things have displayed the kind of culture the settlers of the city had during their time.

A tunnel was cleared within the underground city and served as a pathway for people and visitors to pass by and walk through the old ruins. The city underneath is very different from the streets of Modern Israel above it. People of different ages, mostly Jewish and Christians, come  to visit the place and enrich their consciousness and knowledge regarding the origins of their faith. In 2010,  the Tourism sector of Israel recorded over one million visitors who went their way to the Underground City.

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