Church of the Visitation

Church of the Visitation in Ein Kerem, Israel also known as the Church of the Magnificat. It is perfectly situated in the slopes of a rocky hill that can be accessed with a good and charming walk under the shady leaves of the cypresses from the Virgin’s Fountain in the lower village. From the top, a gallant and picturesque view  of Ein Kerem, that clasp the breathtaking frieze and murals and beautiful mosaic floors.The Church of the Visitation is a Franciscan Basilica built between the years 1933 and 1955 which was designed by an Italian Architect by the name of Antonio Barluzzi to commemorate the meeting of Mary with her cousin Elizabeth as described on the Holt text in the book of Luke 1:39-56.

Accessed through an exquisite wrought-iron gate, is a low colonnade topped by a charming bell tower. Beneath the church where religious services are held is an ossuary, where a fabled cave lies in which a miraculous spring broke forth at the exact moment when Elizabeth welcomed the Virgin.

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