Llama and Alpaca Farm

Llama and Alpaca Farm in Mizpe Ramon is the only farm where more than 400 exotic llamas and alpacas are raised. Aplacas and llamas are small South American camels, which were collected by the owner from the Quechua. On the farm, you would witness the whole process of growing and spinning the animals. The farm is situated in a hidden valley, between two thousand year old Nabatian terraces, which is 1,000 meters from the Ramon crater’s rim. The lovely animals, the location and its wonderful history, the rides, desert panorama and the tourist attractions in the neighborhood, all of these make the Llama and Alpaca Farm a perfect place to visit.

There are multiple of things to do on the farm such as hand feeding the friendly alpacas and llamas and watching their curious and amazing life habits like spitting, courting, sand bathing and etc. If you’re on for a hike, touring the unique spacious desert farm would be perfect. To gain insightful understanding, learning the alpaca’s homeland in the great Andes Mountains is fun. Following the wool from spinning and shearing to the finished product which is a gorgeous alpaca wool and trying to weave in the Wool House is splendid. Riding a llama is a great and fun experience for children up to 25 kg. Older kids can also ride a pony or a donkey. Get ready to be amaze how the other interesting animals live in harmony. It is suggested that before leaving the farm, to have a coffee break in the Stone Hut.

You can also visit their shop, as there are unique products the farm offers like incredible alpaca yarn in different natural colors, grown and spun in the farm. Alpaca hats, baby shoes and scarves are also available.

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