Ramon Desert Tours

Ramon Desert Tours is based in the town of Mizpe Ramon in the central Negev desert. Mizpe Ramon is situated on the border of Ramon Crater right at the center of the Negev Desert approximately 80 km south of Beer-Sheva and 140 km north of Eliat. The entire desert traveling that the Ramon Desert Tours provide begins and ends from Mizpe Ramon. Mizpe Ramon is considered as the perfect tour center for the travelers who wish to explore the desert sites in Israel due to the distance from the main sites.

Ramon Desert Tours is one of the best guides you could ever see in Mizpe Ramon. Avoid the inconvenience when traveling. The tour center offers the most comfortable and hassle-free trip you could ever imagine. Just give them the complete details of the place that you want to stay and other requests that you could think of, and they will gladly arrange it for you. When you are in Mizpe Ramon, make the most out of your tour. Get to learn, understand and appreciate the desert and the beauty of the wilderness in Israel. Ramon Desert Tours will simply provide you an unforgettable and worthwhile experience.

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