Desert Archery

Desert Archery is an intriguing and beautiful sport that is environmentally friendly and characterized as a “soft adventure” inspired by the game of golf. It is situated in the Negev in the town of Mizpe Ramon. It is a pollution-free mountain desert town, which is 900 meters above sea level.

Yaakov Everett discovered a great connection between golf and archery. He is an Australian who spent many years in Jerusalem before he finally decided to settle down with his wife, Ruth, in Mizpe Ramon. They established the world’s first and only desert archery course on 300 dunams of rocky desert land. Golf and archery share several conventional features. The environment differs, yet the level of concentration involved is similar in both golf and archery. The tranquility, power and the release of a golf game can also be experienced in the desert through archery. You could also take advantage of the fine weather all year-round.

The game of archery starts anytime the players are ready. Yaakov warms up the players by discussing the pointers on form and aim. The players get to decide on the length of the course, which is between one and four kilometers. There are shady rest stops with magnificent views that you could enjoy seeing along the way. The equipment used in this sport is a soft, rubber-tipped arrow. It is therefore safe and professional.

Desert Archery is also suitable for children as young as 9 years old. If you decide to play this sport, you have to make a reservation.

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