Allenby Monument

The Allenby Monument is an unembellished block of stone that is positioned in the middle of a small park located in the old city of Beersheva. The monument honors Field Marshal Edmund Allenby. He is a British conqueror who is in-charge of the British forces, which arrested the Palestine in World War I. Field Marshall Edmund Allenby is also responsible for ending the 4 centuries of Turkish rule.

The Allenby Monument is three-meter high and it has a comparable design to other British memorials. The architect Wallcousins designed it. The monument makes a figure akin to the medieval knights. This is suggested by the Britons in 1917 in comparison to the invasion of Palestine and the crusaders. It was planned that an equestrian statue of Allenby be put up on the summit; however, it was not pushed through.

Due to his significant role, one might expect some magnificent statue of Allenby on a galloping stallion. Instead, all you can see is just a plain and simple monument. This is in accordance to the bible stating, “You shall not make for yourself a graven image”. The Allenby monument has then remained with the absence of any image. A simple inscription is found and reads, “Alllenby, 1917-1918”.

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