The Ceramic Studio of Yehudit Meir

The Ceramic Studio of Yehudit Meir is situated in the town of Beersheba. It is utilized as a ceramic art workshop since the year 1961. Her works of art is in display and is being sold to the public.

The Ceramic Studio is made up of chiseled stone house. It also includes a wall that divides the street from the house. Inside, you would find a lovely garden. The view is breathtaking. The tourists and locals would usually take a picture of the enchanting garden.

What is amazing about the stone house is that, it is maintained very well in its original condition. There were no renovations made. The ceramic studio is considered as one of Beersheba’s treasures.

For all the art lovers out there, it is highly recommended to visit the Ceramic Studio of Yehudit Meir. Not only will you admire the beauty of the studio, but also the art works of Yehudit Meir that are truly inspiring, ingenious and unique.

The Ceramic Studio is located at the Trumpeldor Street nr 11. You can take a 15-minute walk from the central train/bus station or take a bus from there going to the old city of Beersheba.

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