Botanical Garden Of Eilat

The Botanical Garden of Eilat is an oasis. Located on a shackle of wonderful, natural desert hills, lies one of the most amazing sceneries that you can find in the town of Eilat. The Botanical Garden welcomes you to a different world where you could experience peace and tranquility, while enjoying the magnificent scenery.

Right in the center of the primary Organic Farm in Israel, the Botanical Garden that was constructed initially of olden stone terraces also produce decorative trees; and the entire place is covered in green, giving off marvelous views overlooking the Red Sea. There are actually three amazing viewpoints where the visitors get to see the Red Sea and the Edom mountains, and above the various plants, fruit trees, baobab trees, and herbs. The owners of the place have created the place out of nothing. Everything that you can see is developed on the place itself. Most of their fences and benches are made from recycled wood, creating such wondrous results. In the place, there are sign-posted paths, renovated stream, waterfalls, lakes, wood and stone edifices and more.

There are numerous activities to do in the Botanical Garden of Eilat. There are paths for visitors to stroll in, steps to climb for the children, narrow pathways that leads you to a wide array of wilderness flowers and the peaceful sound of the waterfall and more. When you get thirsty, refreshments are also served such as tea, coffee, and softdrinks. The Botanical Garden offers private guided tours for 35 or more individuals. It is recommended to book in advance for a more organized tour. You can call 08-6318788 for more details.

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