Abraham’s Well

Abraham’s Well is said to be the most famous of the many wells found in Beersheba. In the olden times, the wells played a significant part towards the development of Beersheba. Abraham’s well is located in a nearby small seasonal stream recognized as Nahal Beersheva or the Beersheva stream. It contained two primordial wells. As far as the people could remember, the wells functioned as a water source for the Bedouins flocks.

The other well serves as a working device for pumping out the water and transporting it to a ditch where it could be easily accessible to the people and the animals. There are still issues that have not been resolved as to whether Abraham was responsible for digging up the well. Located at the external part of the multifaceted dimensions around the well, is an old conifer tree. Some people believed that it is called an “Eshel” which Abraham planted in the site of Beersheva.

In the Bible, it is stated that the place of Beersheva is where the oaths for peace with the Philistines made by Abraham and his son Isaac took place. After his death, arguments regarding the well started all over again. His son Isaac resolved it once again in relation to the Torah. His servants dug a new well again and he made an altar in Beersheva as his means of devotion to the Lord.

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