Zoological Center of Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan

The Zoological Center of Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan is located in Ramat Gan, Israel. The safari park and zoo officially started its operation and was famously known as an African Animal Park in 1974. Almost ten years later a zoo was built at center of the park replacing the Tel Aviv Zoo, which had closed down. The park which is also known as the Ramat Gan Safari is housed in an area of 250 acres of land with more than 1,000 of different animal species, including 130 species of birds, 25 of reptile species and almost 70 of mammal species.

The Ramat Gan Safari engages in certain research projects and breeding programs making it to have the most number of animal species in the Middle East. Most of the animals are not caged and roam freely in the park. Together with the other species, it has Gorillas, Asian and African Elephants, Hippopotamus, Lions and Orangutans.

The Safari is a combination of a drive-through wild animal park and a more conventional zoo. Thus, reminding the visitors to: drive only on the roads of the park and not leaving the vehicle, to drive carefully since animals have the right of way since the park is their home and when the visitors are in the Lion enclosure they are reminded to be very cautious by entering only in a closed vehicle and keeping windows closed.

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