Uganda in Jerusalem

Uganda was launched in Jerusalem in May of 2005, with it’s primarily purpose of creating a bar, café specialist record/ dvd/ comic store and a venue. Different crowds especially the young and radical go there to interact and listen to good music, and foreign activists gather around to talk about arts and politics.  You could also go around and check the local bystanders.  The walls are lined with comic books and you can browse and check it out too.  Try out and purchase the latest in European underground electronics while listening to the best indie DJ’s in Jerusalem.  When you just want to relax and chill, you can visit the place nightly as the DJ’s and bands perform almost every night while having the famous Palestinian beer “Taybeh”.

Uganda is also the “west Jerusalem branch” of the famous Akramawi Humus, the best in town!

Uganda is located on a downtown side street, near the castle-like headquarters of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel and the closed Russian Compound.

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