Bet Guvirin Maresha National Park

Bet Guviran Maresha National Park is located at the Bet Shemesh-Kiryat Gat road opposite Kibbuts Bet Guvrin. It incorporates an approximately 1,250 acres of rolling hills in the Judean lowlands. The hills, about 400 m above sea level, consist mainly of chalk overlaid with harder rock called Nari. People have dug small gap to build industrial facilities, hideouts, storerooms and burial caves. Most of such caves were built at Bet Guvrin and its surroundings.

The main sites to visit in the National park are The Roman Amphitheater which was originally built for gladiator fights to entertain the people; The Maze Cave, a system of 30 interconnected caves which visitors can cross over underground to learn how people made use of such space in antiquity; The Sidonian Burial Caves; The Bell caves which has 80 large caves; The complex Cistern System; The Columbarium caves, used for raising doves; and an Agricultural area. Visitors are escorted through the park using the map provided at the entrance with marked trail.

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