Olive Medicine Woman

The “Olive Medicine Woman” also named Orit Lilach Baruch is famous in Israel as a traditional healer and apothecarist. She proposes that traditional natural therapy for your body and spirit is the best way to free yourself from any sickness and body pains as well as maintaining good health and total wellness. For years, Orit Baruch studied and practiced Israeli medicine and tribal healing from spiritualists all over the world. Her spiritual connection to the culture of the Native Americans led her to the sacred approach of healing and therefore, she was called the “Medicine Woman”.

Most tourists and locals come to her place to witness and encounter this unique form of healing as well as purchasing her products. Every product that she produces comes from natural organic resources and local medicinal herbs in a unique traditional method. Some of her products include hair and skin ointments, solid soaps, face mask, herbal shampoo, liquid face soap, teeth cleaning powder, herbal tea and propolis extract for the benefit of body and soul healing.

The Olive Medicine Woman offers lectures and workshops on nature awareness and tribal medicine. If you are interested, you are more than welcome to visit her in Moshav Amirim, which is located in the Upper Galilee of Israel.

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