Sakura Restaurant

Located on a very appealing alley in the heart of Jerusalem between Jaffa St. and the Nachalat Shiv’a area, the restaurant flourishes. Residing in the same building where the Jerusalem movie theater on Feingold Court debut the first ever silent motion picture that was shown in the city. Sakura is the longest-existing Japanese influenced restaurant and has currently accrued over 15 years of exceptional reputation.

The owner, Boaz Tza’iri served as a sushi chef in a tiny sushi bar in Japan, and together with a selected team of Israeli kitchen staff, taught Japanese to the Jerusalemites finest unique palettes of the Japanese kitchen. Ever committed to acquaint to the current trend, Sakura continues to grow, updating and improving the quality of food and their exquisite ingredients aiming to meet customers satisfaction. Sakura through the years led amongst Japanese brasserie in Israel and has been elected on annually as the best Japanese restaurants by many clientele and food critics.

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