Abu Shukri Restaurant in Jerusalem

Abu Shukri, which is located where the Via Dolorosa and AL Wad Road intersect, is one of the most popular restaurants in Jerusalem because of its superb food quality and varied delicacies in the most affordable prices.  It is a small, family-owned restaurant and the loyal customers have kept them in business throughout the years. They serve mainly Palestinian food.  The restaurant is well known for hummus, which is a combination of mashed seasoned chickpeas with pita bread.  Usually on Saturday afternoons, Israelis patiently wait in line just to have a taste of this delectable hummus.

The small and modest restaurant in a dimly lit cave with only a few small tables and plastic chairs is far from being one of the finest restaurants in town.  Nonetheless, the food is simply incomparable.  The authentic hummus, is served with optional toppings of either the whole chickpeas in olive oil, or with brown beans called “fool” or roasted pine nuts dipped in olive oil.  Pita bread is served hot with pickles.  Apart from the hummus, the restaurant has other popular dishes to offer such as the fresh and spicy falafel balls, baba, labaneh, fresh vegetable salad, ghanoush and tahini.

In 1999, Abu Shukri restaurant added meat to their menu. They introduced exceptional grilled foods like kabobs, shwarma and kubbe that is cracked wheat dumplings stuffed with meat, are all mouth-watering. Meanwhile, mint tea is highly recommended for beverage.

Abu Shukri Restaurant is open daily from 8am to 4:30 pm., and a bit later on Saturdays.  With its very affordable price and delectable dishes, this restaurant is absolutely a must-try.

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