Ein Gedi Antiquities National Park

Ein Gedi Antiquities National Park is located adjacent to Ein Gedi Nature Reserve Park and Arugot River and is about a kilometer north of Kibbutz Ein Gedi.

The main finding here is the ruins of a synagogue from the Byzantine period. Found on the synagogue floor were five inscriptions. The subject of the inscription signifies that the Ein Gedi community was an unusual one. The five inscriptions were a list of months and signs of the zodiac; an oath swearing the reader to maintain the secrecy of the settlement; a list of the generations from Adam to Japheth; a dedication to those who funded the mosaic; and an additional dedication in Aramaic alphabet.

The additional dedication in Aramaic is of particular significance. Some believes that this is a secret of the process of manufacturing perfumes. An approximate translation is: “Every person who causes strife between a man and his friend, or who speaks evil about his friend to the gentiles, or who steals objects belonging to his friend, or who reveals the secret of the town to the gentiles – He whose eyes wander throughout the Land and see the secrets will set His face to this man and to his descendants and will remove him from beneath the Heavens and the entire nation will say Amen and Amen Selah.”

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