Red Canyon

Red Canyon, one of the most captivating forms of nature, which is located in Eilat,Israel, is said to be a famous spot where visitors, both locals and foreigners visit the place, to experience nature at its finest. People who are passionate about photography are highly recommended to visit the place, to capture its enthralling beauty.

Red Canyon is indeed a picturesque canyon, also known as “Gai Shani”.  The red-stained sandstone that comprises largely of the terrain is where the Red Canyon derived its name.  It is with pleasure, observing the water and wind engraved the canyon with a wide variety of shades of red, and at times blended with other colors found in the minerals that have stained the walls. The other central colors of the rock that are visible are the shades of pink and purple. It is such a marvelous sight to look at.

The hike going to the Red Canyon is definitely a one-of-a kind experience. When returning, it is suggested to climb up out of the canyon where you can take a glimpse as the stream bed expands. In addition, you can take the trail and see an amazing scenery of the canyon below.

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