Iris Reserve

The Iris Reserve is probably one of nature’s gifts to the people. Try to capture the beauty of nature by strolling through the southern part of Netanya. The reserve holds a diversity of homegrown wild flowers, the purple Argaman Iris most particularly. It is highly recommended to visit the place from mid February to early March. This is the perfect time when you see the plant blossoms in a 2-3 week period.

The Iris Reserve is located only in few areas of Israel, which includes the small parts in southern Netanya. The reserve is restricted to a spot of approximately 100 acres, and surrounded by construction projects situated on the east, and the waste disposal site on the west, until it was transferred to another place.

Upon entering the Iris Reserve, one would notice signs informing the visitors of the different types of animal and plant life that they would see. In addition, tracks with rope barricades are created for permitting the tourists and locals to watch the irises as well as other plant life without causing harm. However, there are times that this is not strictly observed since some people would want to touch the delicate flowers. Another problem encountered in the reserve is that some plant life is emerging which is competing for space.

Eventually, this will hinder the iris and other natural species to flourish. Fortunately, as part of the Ir Yamim project, the Iris Reserve is well maintained and has removed the invasive plants from the place. A galleria-type shopping mall will be created in the area as well. Now, Iris Reserve is regarded as one of the tourist spots in Netanya.

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