Poleg Beach

Poleg Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the City of Netanya. It is situated near Green Beach Hotel on the southern area of Netanya City and the Ramat Poleg. Poleg Beach was closed for a number of years. However, through the proposal of Netanya’s Mayor, Miriam Feirberg-Ikar, the beach was revived after it was confirmed that it was clean and safe. Nevertheless, continuing supervision by sampling water from the stream and sea four times a week is strictly practiced.

A few hundred meters, south from the Poleg Beach, one would be mesmerized as the view changes. As the ridge ascends, a large number of shapes and hues could be found within the surroundings. Schools of tiny fish swimming among the rocks in the water are lovely to look at. In addition to that, you can also view the Surfing Vacation Beach to take a glimpse of the gliders. Most of the time, you could witness 70 gliders in the air at once. Nature is indeed magnificent. In this part of the beach, you would encounter few bathers since this place is known for activities like jogging, fishing, hiking, and horse-back riding.

On the northern side of the beach, it is where you encounter water activities. In fact, an area is reserved for motorized aquatic sports like boating, jet skiing, and more. For some people who are not fond of engaging in these activities, prefers to swim in the sparkling and clean beach. However, swimmers should be mindful that the bathing season in the Poleg Beach starts three weeks after the official declaration from the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Poleg Beach offers various amenities to the people. Restrooms, showers and first aid supplies are available. It also has a buffet, gourmet restaurant, changing rooms, restrooms, and a wide parking space with a reasonable fee. A volleyball and football field, fitness facilities, and pavilions for shade are also made available for the public to enjoy.

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