Herzl Beach

Herzl Beach is a widely recognized beach in the wonderful city of Netanya. Herzl Beach is the augmentation from Atzmaut Square and Herzl Street. You can find a newly constructed promenade that is entirely stunning. The sparkling golden sun and the Mediterranean Sea are very inviting. Even by just lying around and enjoying the perfect weather is already enough to have a wonderful day at the beach. Hearing the sound of the waves as it goes to the shore is very pleasing to the ears.

Herzl Beach offers a wide range of amenities as well as activities to do. It includes playgrounds, sports center called “Meduza”, where sailing activities are happening, sports equipment rental, and a special camp for children. Sports facilities like volleyball, basketball, and football fields are also provided in Herzl Beach. A wide parking space is also available. When parking on the northern area of Sironit Beach or through the Sea Elevator, Herzl Beach could be reached.

At present, a new restaurant is added with the name “Kofifee Restaurant”, which is named after an island in Thailand. It has chairs on the sand, beach umbrellas and palm trees. Numerous events and occasions are also being held in Herzl beach like parties, weddings, and more.

In Herzl Beach, everybody is well taken care of, including the people with special needs. They are provided a pathway that is accessible to the water line. The beach is also very safe since a lifeguard station is available. It opens daily at 8:30 am and closes half an hour before sunset.

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