Rishon Le Zion Museum

The Rishon Le Zion Museum in Israel is a place where you could find a rare collection of documents, maps and pictures of the city, Rishon Le Zion back from the days it was identified as a colony. The historical items inside the museum make it one of the most interesting museum attractions in Israel.

The first flag of Israel and the story behind it is possibly the most attractive exhibit in the museum. The famous banner with a blue star of David sewed thereon was created in honor of the celebration of the third anniversary of the establishment of the community.  They carried the banner in a parade by a delegate of Baron de Rothschild.  Afterwards, it was approved as the flag of Israel.

The story of the first singing of the national anthem by the students of Rishon Le Zion is similarly interesting.  The poem “Hatikva” which means “The Hope” was adapted by a local farmer, Shmuel Cohen by singing it to the tune of “Carl cu Boi” which is a Romanian folk song.  It became so popular, that later on it was considered as the national anthem of the State of Israel.

Other captivating sites on the other side of the courtyard includes a replica of the first Hebrew school in Israel, admirable recreations of village artisans at work and a lot more.

The Rishon Le Zion Museum is truly a captivating site.  The richness of Israel’s heritage and culture is worth preserving.

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