Bereshit Exhibition

The Bereshit Exhibition is a famous Jewish museum located in the city of Rishon LeZion in Israel. It is a very commemorative place not only for the locality itself but for the whole country of Israel.

In the Bereshit exhibition, one can trace the beginnings of and foundation of the state of Israel. The national anthem of Israel, the “Havitka”,  was originally written in Rishon LeZion. The national flag of Israel was also designed in Rishon by their forefathers, basing it from a Jewish prayer shawl that has a very important symbol for the country.

The museum also reveals the revision of the Hebrew language in Rishon. Many artifacts and writings are kept and maintained in the museum over the years.

The word Bereshit, originally “B’reshit” means “Genesis” in Hebrew noted in the English language as “In the beginning”.

Many historians and ordinary people visit the Bereshit Exhibition the whole year round. They do not only enjoy seeing antiques and artifacts but also, they learn a lot from the history and the beginnings of Israel.

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