Cinema City in LeZion

The Cinema City is a famous landmark and shopping center in Rishon LeZion in Israel. It is a very convenient mall that offers a wide range of choices from shopping, food and leisure.

It is primarily called the Cinema City because of its large, highly maintained and amusing movie theaters. It has a total of 26 movie theaters, screening different international films in all parts of the globe. One good thing about the Cinema City is that they provide movies which have Hebrew subtitles to be understood by everyone. Most of the movies shown here are famous Hollywood films.

There are a couple of good restaurants to have a taste and fill one’s stomach with. A Japanese restaurant named, Japanika is one. They serve genuine Japanese cuisine in a variety. Another Asian restaurant is the Giraffe and is also regularly visited. Other known and highly-recommended restaurants are Teresa- A pasta bar, Moses- serves American Cuisine, Cafe Cafe Beach- serves great tasting coffee and drinks, Temple Bar- an Irish pub, and many more to name.

From weekdays to weekends, one would expect the Cinema City to be very crowded, but amidst the large crowd, the place is still one of the best places in Rishon LeZion to enjoy and have fun everyday.

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