Cinematheque in Jerusalem

The Cinematheque in Jerusalem is located in a splendid area overlooking old city walls and the Kidron valley. It is one of the finest cinema houses in Jerusalem. Initiated by Lia and Wim Van Leer, the film archive is the main reason why it was developed and built. If you are a movie-buff or a film-lover, then this place is perfect for you.  The cinema plays variety of films, whether it is the latest Hollywood flick, classical films, or Israeli films, they all have it in Cinematheque.  In addition to that, they also play documentaries, short movies and a few independent films, which we rarely see in any other countries. One of the most important events in Cinematheque is the Jerusalem International Film festival, where everybody gathers around to witness it.

The Jerusalem International Film festival opened since 1984.  From then on, it has become a remarkable spot for the introduction of the world’s cinemas best as well as the presentation of Israeli cinema. More than 150 films are screened for ten days presenting diversity in programs, bringing in tributes to the famous local and international filmmakers.  Professional workshops for the local film industry are also offered.

Jack Wolgin plays a vital part in this event as he gives full support from the inauguration of the awards for Israeli cinema in 1989.  For this reason, Israeli films have been recognize and ample opportunities have been given to Israeli filmmakers especially in the field of documentary, short films, student, dramas and television series.  Over 2 million dollars worth of prizes have been awarded to them in a span of 25 years.

Without any doubt, Cinematheque serves as the backbone in the local film industry in Jerusalem.

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