Cafe London in Netanya

Café London in Netanya is one of the famous restaurants in the city that serves unique and the finest of European cuisine. They offer a wide array of menus including soups, snacks, fish and other seafood, hamburgers and more. Start your day right with an amazing Israeli Breakfast that will keep your stomach full until late in the afternoon. In addition, the spaghetti is definitely a must-try combined with a delightful toast that is very sumptuous. End your meal with luscious and tempting desserts. A guilty pleasure indeed, but incredibly worth it!

Café London is located at an attractive promenade street, right at the heart of the city. It has a closed carpeted spot in the center of the shopping street. You can find large umbrellas and sunshades. Cooling fans are available for people who might want to use it especially on hot days. Heaters are also accessible in preparation for cold weathers. Café London is regarded as a very successful restaurant. Even with the present security situation in Netanya, the place is always jam-packed with people.

The price range of the foods is quite expensive but you will never get disappointed. The service is excellent and all the staffs are accommodating and friendly. Café London in Netanya is open morning until late at night.

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