Holon Skimulator Center

The Skimulator Center, located in Industrial Zone Holon near Tel Aviv, is a great venue for professional and amateur skiers in Israel.The center provides quality trainings and lessons for enthusiasts to improve their skiing techniques in unique and innovative ways. It is also the most appropriate venue for skiers to practice their skills before they head and  ski on Mt. Hermon.

The center provides two indoor ski slopes for the public to enjoy. Physiotherapy experts and professional doctors who specialize on ski are also available in the site to provide medical attention and prior knowledge of the sport. A store with proper equipments and clothing are also available.

Annually, several unique ski vacations are organized by the Skimulator together with their professional instructors and offered to the center’s  customers.

The center was opened 2001, three years after the first Skimulator Center was constructed by Atzmon Meltzer in the Netherlands – where indoor ski slopes originated.Presently, there are three centers operating as a chain. The third is located in the vicinity of Haifa, north of Israel.

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