Holon Cinematheque

The Holon Cinematheque, located in the city of Holon near Tel Aviv, is one of the establishments built for the appreciation of Israeli art and culture. The center is part of the bigger Mediatheque Holon in central district.

Built in 2008, the Holon Cinematheque empowers the appreciation, love and education towards the art of motion pictures and film-making. Countless numbers of films and cinematic works, from the different parts of the world, are being exposed to the audience and visitors of the center. Diverse and unique creations with different innovative approaches are also exhibited by the center in cooperation with their respective producers.

Animation is emphasized by the center as a cinematic technique and a genre with a room for a lot of innovations. The “Maratoon”, is an annual competition organized by the center to showcase homegrown talents and alike in the production of short animated films.

With all these rich collections of art, the Holon Cinematheque also maintained an archive to keep, register and preserve such unique treasures.

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